Tektronix and Siemens Partner to Develop Next-Generation Mobile Telecommunications Test Solution
The Tektronix K1297 Tests Siemens UMTS Standard Support For 3G Implementation

Tektronix, Inc. , a leader in developing test, measurement and monitoring equipment, today announced that Siemens' Information and Communication Mobile, a division of Siemens AG covering the entire mobile communications business, has chosen to partner with Tektronix to develop a customized Core Network (CN) test and simulation solution for UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunication Systems)- based networks. Siemens will use Tektronix' K1297 protocol tester to verify the correct operation of components, enabling faster system integration with UTMS networks.

"With the mobile communications industry transitioning from the second generation (2G) legacy mobile networks to third generation (3G) networks integrating voice, video and data, our customers are demanding that we support emerging standards such as UMTS to drive the evolution of global telecommunications infrastructures," said Scott Bausback, vice president, Communications Business Unit. "Our partnership with Siemens demonstrates our commitment to supporting the transition to 3G by providing a customized solution to confidently enable them to develop and test the components used for the transition to next generation mobile phone networks."

Werner Schrottenhamer, Siemens project manager for mobile communications test equipment, adds: "We required a customised test system to develop new technologies essential to implementing 3G mobile systems. Based on positive results from previous projects, we selected the Tektronix K1297 as our solution to test the UMTS standard. Closely collaborating with Tektronix allowed us to use Beta test releases which saved us time during product development and system implementation."

K1297 Expands Simulations and Emulation Options

The partnership covers the development of UMTS test software for the Iu interface integrated with the new Tektronix K1297 G20 software platform, creating a customized test solution enabling Siemens to develop the CN components of a UMTS-based network. These test modules cover the entire functional testing of signaling protocols such as RANAP and data service protocols at the Iu interface.

The new software platform expands the Tektronix K1297's simulation and emulation options to include the UMTS monitoring functionality. The software design is based on new technologies including IP/ATM transmission.

The K1297 protocol tester

The K1297 protocol tester is a multi-interface, multi-protocol test instrument that offers simulation, emulation and analysis features, as well as compliance testing facilities. The K1297 protocol tester may be used by engineers or technicians on development platforms or in the field in the installation and maintenance phases.

The combination of hardware and software allows subscriber simulations or network simulations to be conducted, as well as endurance tests. The K1297 protocol tester can serve as a large-capacity system for signaling and traffic links, incorporating extremely complex protocols. To obtain further information on the Tektronix K1297 protocol tester, visit the following website: http://www.tek.com/Measurement/Products/catalog/k1297/hw/index.html.

Siemens Information and Communication Mobile

The Information and Communication Mobile Group (20,000 employees, sales of 5 billion euros) of Siemens AG covers the entire mobile telephone business, both in terms of communications devices and network technology and applications. The product range for communication devices comprises mobile phones and ISDN cards, through to mobile organizers and cordless and corded telephones, while for infrastructure the range includes the entire network technology, from base stations through switching systems and up to applications and intelligent networks. Further information on this Siemens Group is available on the Internet at: http://www.siemens.de/ic/mobile .

About Tektronix

Tektronix, Inc., is a test, measurement and monitoring company providing measurement solutions to the semiconductor, computer and telecommunication industries. With over 50 years of experience, Tektronix enables its customers to design, build, deploy and manage next-generation global communication networks and Internet technologies. Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, Tektronix has operations in 25 countries worldwide.

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