Tektronix Introduces IPTV Video Quality Measurement (VQM) Package
Spectra2|VQM Portable Monitoring and Diagnostics Package Eases Video over IP Development, Deployment, and Operation

Tektronix, Inc. , a worldwide provider of communications network management and diagnostics, announced the availability of the Spectra2|VQM (Video Quality Measurement) monitoring solution for the diagnosis and analysis of streaming video transmitted over Internet Protocol (IP). Spectra2|VQM helps users identify the causes of poor digital image quality, such as packet loss, delay or data corruption in the IP transport network. Spectra2|VQM is the first portable monitoring solution with support for multiple-level Quality of Service (QoS) scores and video industry standard, non-proprietary Forward Error Correction (FEC) analysis that carriers and cable networks can use in the emerging video over IP opportunity.

The Spectra2|VQM is a Windows-based software package that is part of the Tektronix Internet Protocol Diagnostics (IPD) product portfolio. The IPD portfolio provides network equipment manufacturers and service providers with easy-to-use test and measurement tools for the analysis and QoS measurement of media over IP and protocols in the core of converged multi-service networks.

Spectra2|VQM monitors video streams transported over RTP and MPEG2-TS (transport stream) protocols. Spectra2|VQM supports measurement of multiple concurrent standard-definition (SD) video streams as well as high-definition (HD) video streams. Users can generate real-time video streaming quality metrics such as presence, accuracy and objective Mean Opinion Scores (MOS) that they can use to diagnose a range of video-related problems at the IP, transport, and content levels. The availability of MOS QoS measurements based on transport and actual uncompressed video content allows users to correlate QoS at both the transport and content levels.

"Equipment manufacturers and service providers want to ensure the highest quality digital video transmission for their customers," said Richard Kenedi, Senior Director, Diagnostics, Communications Business, Tektronix. "They know that the provider who most consistently meets customer quality standards will inevitably win the most loyal customers in the new market for IPTV content. Spectra2|VQM has all the advantages of Spectra2 including ease of use as well as Tektronix' expertise in the IP testing space. Network operators can verify that subscribers are receiving what they request, when they requested it and at acceptable quality, by continuously monitoring video transport and content on user-selectable channels."

Spectra2|VQM supports both CoP-R3 and RFC 2733, the two main non- proprietary, video industry FEC analysis standards. Spectra2|VQM can perform and analyze FEC algorithms, a technique for improving the reliability of packet transmission over networks which do not provide guaranteed packet delivery. This technique allows the user to view the effectiveness of the correction mechanism and ensure a successful user experience. The software can detect codec over-compression and incorrectly configured FEC for fine- tuning bandwidth versus quality. Users can detect perceived video image quality in real time or historically for individual video streams so that they can develop systems and services that match the visual quality that viewers have come to expect from traditional television broadcasts.

"Tektronix is excited to make available today what we believe is the best portable monitoring solution that carriers and cable networks can use in the emerging video programming over IP opportunity," said Kevin Keough, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives, Communications Business, Tektronix. "Long term, Tektronix' unquestioned market leadership in Video test solutions combined with our IP and telephony experience offers unique value to our customers in these times of convergence and complexity."

At the core of the Spectra2|VQM video monitoring solution is the ability to detect specific problems. Correlation between the MOS and other factors that include Packet Loss, Delay and Jitter along with MPEG2-TS priority statistics, gives a technician the tools necessary to determine the problem. Integrated reporting analysis tools provide interactive views of all Spectra2|VQM video metrics. Video data capture and decode also ease trouble- shooting activity. Spectra2|VQM allows a technician to view the actual video in progress for a visual indicator of quality. Spectra2|VQM can also track metrics graphically in real time. Users can export statistics to a file or use the integrated online analysis tools to browse historical data.

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