Tektronix Launches DesignInsight 2006 Technical Education Seminar Series
April Seminars in Seven Cities Will Present Latest Test Technologies and Methodologies to Simplify the Design and Testing Process

Tektronix, Inc. , a leading worldwide provider of test, measurement and monitoring instrumentation, announced its new seminar series, DesignInsight 06, taking place in seven cities across the US & Canada during the month of April. DesignInsight 06 will provide in-depth information and hands-on learning focused on the latest electronic and RF testing technologies and methodologies to improve and simplify the design and testing process.

The seminar series will provide guidelines for the most effective ways to use digital oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, arbitrary function generators, Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers and measurement & analysis software for design and debug needs. In addition, National Instruments, a leader in virtual instrumentation, has joined the seminar series as a Premier Partner and will be onsite at all seven venues providing training and technical expertise on instrument control software for connecting Tektronix instruments to PCs on the benchtop.

The DesignInsight 06 seminar series will be held in the following cities throughout April:

   Toronto, Canada -- April 6 -- http://tektronix.seminars.net/insight06_tor
   Boston, MA -- April 11 -- http://tektronix.seminars.net/insight06_bos
   Washington DC -- April 13 -- http://tektronix.seminars.net/insight06_dc
   Orlando, FL -- April 18 -- http://tektronix.seminars.net/insight06_orl
   Dallas, TX -- April 20 -- http://tektronix.seminars.net/insight06_dal
   Irvine, CA -- April 25 -- http://tektronix.seminars.net/insight06_irv
   Santa Clara, CA -- April 27 -- http://tektronix.seminars.net/insight06_sc

The seminars will each consist of two tracks. Topics in track one to be covered via presentations and live demonstrations will include testing issues and methodologies for low-speed serial buses, FPGA debug strategies and methods, compliance testing for high speed serial standards and the characterization of complex digital RF signals.

Track Two is for embedded system design that will offer hands-on labs to give attendees insight into the common circuit operation challenges engineers must quickly find and analyze such as set up and hold violations, false logic states, harmonic issues, bus contention and integrating simulation results into the design verification process. The labs will provide insight into the best way to use core test instruments and measurement and analysis software such as NI LabVIEW and SignalExpress Tektronix Edition, and debugging tools to troubleshoot high-speed embedded system designs. The labs will also focus on viewing the small details within a signal that can affect the signal's appearance and the accuracy of a measurement.

"Engineers are faced with a multitude of challenges in their product development efforts that can affect product schedules. As a leader in the test and measurement industry, we've harnessed our 60 years of expertise on four core trouble areas faced by design engineers to assist with design innovation and productivity improvements," said Martyn Etherington, Vice President, Instruments Marketing, Tektronix, Inc. "Engineers, technicians, project engineers or engineering managers who need to quickly and efficiently characterize, verify and debug their designs using analog, digital or RF test and measurement tools will find value our new DesignInsight 06 seminars."

In addition, the DesignInsight 06 seminar series will be supported by several Tektronix' Solution Partners that provide technical and purchasing solutions complementary to Tektronix products.

About Tektronix

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