Tektronix Introduces New Software Application for the Optimization of 2G, 2.5G (GPRS/EDGE) Networks
GSM/GPRS Optimization Expert Adds Advanced Problem Isolation, Root-Cause Identification and Performance Optimization to Industry-Leading K12/K15 Protocol Analyzers

Tektronix, Inc. , a worldwide provider of communications network management and diagnostics products, announced a new software application for the Tektronix family of K12/K15 series protocol test systems that isolates the root causes of network problems and optimizes network operation in 2G, 2.5G and EDGE environments. Designed for heterogeneous 2G/2.5G/EDGE networks in isolation or inter-working with 3G networks, the GSM/GPRS Optimization Expert extracts and calculates parameters for advanced problem isolation, root-cause identification and performance optimization enabling high-speed processing.

Operators are challenged to maintain evolving 2.5G networks in the midst of adding new and resource demanding packet services (i.e. email, multi-messaging services, HTTP), increasing traffic levels and 3G to 2G handovers. The Tektronix GSM/GPRS Optimization Expert displays problem-centric views that allow fast problem isolation. Through combining the problem-centric display of network data with K12/K15 bit-level message decoding, the GSM/GPRS Optimization Expert enables improved network maintenance and significant reduction in Mean Time to Repair (MTTR).

"While the 3G wireless networks evolve, it is critical for operators to ensure their 2G and 2.5G infrastructures are performing according to customers' expectations and are inter-working properly with the new 3G network elements," said Arif Kareem, Vice President, Diagnostics, Tektronix. "The introduction of the GSM/GPRS Optimization Expert will help our customers effectively address those challenges that stem from the contraction on investment in the legacy technology that undermines the successful inter-working with 3G technology."

The GSM/GPRS Optimization Expert runs on the K15 platform or on a notebook PC and consists of four modules that correspond to the key focus areas of mobile network operators including Application Expert, Roaming Expert, Radio Expert and Network Performance Expert.

Application Expert enables a more effective approach to troubleshooting, starting directly from the end user application level. It provides information on the user experience of the services offered through the network, providing statistics on call behavior (call duration, blank calls, looped PCM), voice mail, MMS (Multimedia Messaging Services) usage, SMS (Short Message Service) usage, IP usage, HTTP loading time and Wireless Application Protocol (WAP).

Roaming Expert allows operators to optimize and increase roaming traffic share. It provides information about roaming performance and roaming problems and displays statistics and information on in-roaming, quality offered to roamers, roamers' behavior and estimates competitors' network coverage.

The Radio Expert module enables operators to optimize 2G/2.5G radio performances and increase the QoS offered to end users. It is based on Abis traces and provides statistics on radio measurements, radio channel management, handovers and coverage.

Network Performance Expert eases the job of network engineers, by measuring and analyzing network performance, providing statistics such as transaction counts (MOC, MTC, LU, Data Volumes), transaction failures, equipment failures, handovers and codec usage.

  GSM/GPRS Optimization Expert will begin shipping in May.

  About the K15 Protocol Test Platform

Tektronix' K15 protocol test platform and application software support troubleshooting of live and trial 3G, 2.5G, and 2G mobile networks. It is a high-end, portable hardware platform with a suite of advanced software applications. The platform runs on a high-performance cPCI bus architecture that hosts several boards to connect to multiple interfaces including E1/T1/J1 electrical, STM-1 optical, and 10/100 Mbit/s Fast Ethernet. Remote control and NTP/GPS time synchronization between different units are integrated into the platform. Available software applications include decoding for EDGE, UMTS and CDMA2000 protocols; Expert software for real-time Multi-Interface Call Trace for EDGE, UMTS and CDMA2000; automatic UMTS Iub monitoring configuration; and offline GPRS network performances analysis.

About Tektronix

Tektronix, Inc. is a test, measurement, and monitoring company providing measurement solutions to the communications, computer, and semiconductor industries worldwide. With 60 years of experience, Tektronix enables its customers to design, build, deploy, and manage next-generation global communications networks and advanced technologies. Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, Tektronix has operations in 19 countries worldwide. Tektronix' Web address is www.tektronix.com.

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SOURCE: Tektronix, Inc.

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