Tektronix and Omneon Integrate Video Server Storage and Cerify Automated Quality Control
World's Only Automated Verification System for File-Based Digital Video Content Available on Leading Omneon Video Servers

Tektronix, Inc. , a leading worldwide provider of test, measurement and monitoring instrumentation announced the availability of integrated content storage and quality control using Tektronix Cerify and Omneon Spectrum media servers and MediaGrid content libraries. Cerify is the world's first fully automated system capable of verifying the quality of file-based, compressed digital video and audio content prior to transmission or use. Omneon is the leading provider of multi-channel broadcast playout servers. The integration by two video industry leaders provides customers with a QC system that interoperates seamlessly within the broadcast chain.

Cerify software is offered on the Tektronix Cerify platform today and will be offered later this year as a grid-powered application running on the Omneon MediaGrid content library. In order to achieve this, Omneon and Tektronix have cooperated closely to port the Cerify software onto the Omneon MediaGrid processing platform. When Cerify is running directly on the Omneon MediaGrid, customers receive additional benefit as the media processing power inherent in the MediaGrid is used for file verification.

The Tektronix Cerify platform today is able to read and qualify video files from Omneon Spectrum media servers. Spectrum fully supports Cerify file access while simultaneously ingesting or playing out in real time, without transfer wait time or version control issues.

"Customers will benefit from the seamless integration between Omneon media servers and Tektronix Cerify, whether using Omneon Spectrum or MediaGrid," said Jason Danielson, Senior Director, Omneon. "MediaGrid customers will obtain ever greater benefits through the unique abilities of a storage system that also has media processing power for transcoding, file flattening, and QA. Cerify operating on the MediaGrid is the first automated QA solution within a central video storage system. We chose the Cerify system as our first grid- powered application for MediaGrid because of the quality of the Tektronix engineering team and the benefits that the application will provide to our existing customers."

"We are very excited about our work with Omneon," said Todd Biddle, Vice President, Video Business Unit, Tektronix. "Omneon is a leading supplier of media servers and it is critical to customers to ensure that media assets are fully quality controlled. The integration of Cerify with the Omneon products gives broadcasters an assured route to achieve this aim."

Omneon hardware is available from Omneon and Cerify hardware and software are available from Tektronix.

About Omneon

Omneon is the leading provider of cost-effective and flexible networked standard (SD), high (HD), and mixed definition media server solutions for the broadcast and video industry. The company's unique strategy integrates a strong foundation in broadcast with the best practices of information technology -- giving its customers the best of both worlds. Because Omneon Spectrum media server systems are based on an open and advanced architecture, broadcast and video professionals are able to minimize both upfront and ongoing expenses, while gaining the flexibility to capitalize on emerging opportunities. Omneon pioneered the use of open systems in broadcast and, as a result, receives wide support from the application developer community.

About Tektronix

Tektronix, Inc. is a test, measurement, and monitoring company providing measurement solutions to the communications, computer, and semiconductor industries worldwide. With 60 years of experience, Tektronix enables its customers to design, build, deploy, and manage next-generation global communications networks and advanced technologies. Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, Tektronix has operations in 19 countries worldwide. Tektronix' Web address is www.tektronix.com.

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