New Tektronix DSA70000 Oscilloscopes and P7500 Probes Form Nucleus of Next Generation High-Speed Serial Data Test Bench
Enables R&D Engineers to More Quickly Solve Challenges and Bring Innovations to Market Faster for the New Digital World

Tektronix, Inc. , a leading worldwide provider of test, measurement and monitoring instrumentation, announced the introduction of a new line of DSA70000 real-time Digital Serial Analyzers (DSA) and P7500 probes, both providing world-fastest performance for the next generation of high-speed serial data applications such as PCI-Express 2.0, HDMI 1.3, and SATA III. Along with the recently introduced DSA8200 sampling oscilloscopes and AWG7000 signal generators, Tektronix provides a comprehensive portfolio of industry-leading instruments uniquely matched to the needs of engineers working with high-speed serial data technologies. All of these instruments are designed for second and third generation serial data test, and provide engineers with an entirely new high-speed test bench.

The latest serial technologies are faster and more complex than prior generations and require better test equipment capable of greater performance and more extensive analysis. Tektronix meets these demands with serial data test and measurement solutions across the entire product development value chain, from chip manufacturers to product integrators, enabling design and test engineers to more quickly and easily solve design challenges and bring exciting innovations to market.

"Tektronix is intimate with the latest technologies that underpin the fast data buses inside PCs, entertainment systems, networks, new wireless standards, and with on-demand delivery of digital video over converged multi-carrier networks that are integral to the new digital world," said Rick Wills, Chairman and CEO, Tektronix. "We are committed to providing our customers the very best tools to aid their design validation, troubleshooting, and standards compliance requirements. With our latest announcements, customers have access to the most advanced instruments and software available for testing their high-speed serial data designs."

The new real-time DSA70000 Series with bandwidth to 20 GHz are the world's fastest four-channel real-time oscilloscopes, and the P7500 Series are the world's fastest active differential probes. These complement the recently introduced DSA8200 equivalent time oscilloscopes with bandwidth to 70 GHz, and AWG7000 Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) series with sample rates to 20 GS/s and bandwidth to 5.8 GHz, to provide world record performance across the serial data test bench.

"Second and third generation serial data technologies provide order of magnitude greater data throughput than possible only a few years ago and now underpin the fastest product designs," said Martyn Etherington, Vice President, Instruments Business, Tektronix. "Tektronix aids the innovation of our customers through complete serial data test solutions. With the new DSA70000 Series real-time oscilloscopes, DSA8200 sampling oscilloscopes, AWG7000 arbitrary waveform generators, and P7500 series probes, engineers have access to an entirely new portfolio with the industry-best capabilities needed to develop next generation products incorporating high-speed serial data technologies."

"Leading edge designs, short product lifecycles, extended supply chains, and standards compliance for specific technologies necessitate superior validation and test tools," said Galen Wampler, President, Prime Data. "The new portfolio of high-speed test products from Tektronix provides engineers with the latest and most advanced tools available and forms the core of a critical test bench for serial data design and test engineers. Equipped with the latest instruments and software from Tektronix, engineers will be able to apply the most advanced test technology in the industry to high-speed serial design challenges."

DSA70000 is World's Fastest Real-Time Oscilloscope

With up to 20 GHz bandwidth on all four channels simultaneously, 50 GS/s on all four channels, up to 200M memory on all four channels, and more than 300,000 waveforms captured per second, the new DSA70000 are the fastest four-channel real-time oscilloscopes and offer more performance than any competing alternative. The new models include 12.5 GHz, 16 GHz, and 20 GHz versions. The DSA70000 series instruments include leading Serial Compliance, Jitter and Timing Analysis tools that provide patented software clock recovery, RT-Eye® Serial Compliance and Analysis Software, and a full battery of standard-specific parametric measurements. The new DSA70000 can be optioned with the industry's broadest range of automated software applications to speed pass/fail testing to industry standards such as PCI Express, SATA, FB-DIMM, HDMI and more. The DSA70000 marries the most comprehensive serial data debug and analysis functionality with the industry's most advanced oscilloscope hardware platform and provides an ideal real-time instrument for engineers who need to debug and characterize operation of high-speed serial data buses.

World's Fastest, Most Capable and Versatile Active Differential Probes

The new 13 GHz P7513 and 16 GHz P7516 are the first models of the new P7500 probe family and are the world's fastest active differential probes, an ideal complement to the world's fastest four-channel real-time oscilloscopes. The fast acquisition performance and signal fidelity of the new probes enables customers to debug and validate the 3rd harmonic of 10 Gbit/s signals and perform compliance testing to the 5th harmonic on signals up to 6.4 Gbit/s. The new probing family sets industry benchmarks for bandwidth, provides superior signal fidelity with fast risetime and low circuit loading, introduces unique patent-pending TriMode™ measurement switching, and a new "needle nose" form factor that is long in reach and small enough to fit into the tight spaces that engineers increasingly need to probe. The P7500 series probes provide the fastest probing solution in the marketplace for solder and handheld probing.

  Industry-Leading Products Complete New Serial Data Test Bench

  AWG7000 is World's Fastest ARB

Announced last fall, the AWG7000 is approximately four times faster than any other available AWG with up to 20GS/s and the ability to generate data streams including imperfections such as noise and jitter for data rates up to 10Gb/s. With two analog channels and four marker outputs, the AWG7000 is capable of generating mixed-signal waveforms to provide for analog signals and digital control channels. For serial data, the high sample rate of the AWG7000 enables developers to create pre- and de-emphasis or multi-level signals such as four PAM (pulse amplitude modulation) without having to work with cumbersome external components and without wasting multiple output channels. It is the most advanced and versatile signal generator available. With the AWG7000, design and test engineers can create, replicate, and generate ideal, distorted, or "real life" signals including noise, jitter, glitches, and other imperfections to assist with prototype, debug, verification, and standards compliance for the latest serial data designs.

Industry-Leading DSA8200 Sampling Oscilloscope

The DSA8200 Digital Serial Analyzer announced last fall is based upon new generation hardware and software that provides the most significant advance in TDR test capabilities in 20 years, and are ideal for serial data network analysis. Four new electrical modules feature high bandwidth, low noise, de-skew between channels, small profile remote samplers, and industry-leading noise performance. The 80E10 Dual Channel True Differential TDR Electrical Sampling module provides industry-leading incident rise time of only 12ps and reflected rise time of 15ps. IConnect software for the DSA8200 provides efficient and easy signal integrity analysis for gigabit serial data interconnect links, providing the best S-parameter frequency domain resolution and at the highest frequency when measuring long devices such as cables.

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