Tektronix to Showcase New Products at NAB 2007 for Digital Video Delivery and Quality Challenges
Portfolio of Video Products Enable Innovation in the New Digital World

Tektronix, Inc. , a leading, worldwide provider of test, measurement and monitoring instrumentation, announced the company will feature an extensive range of new and enhanced products and solutions at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) 2007 Conference, April 16-19, 2007 in booth N2519. Tektronix will present and demonstrate solutions across its portfolio from SD to HD, along with MPEG and next generation compression technologies such as H.264 designed to assist members of the video ecosystem in solving today's digital delivery and quality challenges.

To enable the explosion of digital video, the content, delivery system, and end equipment must all be interoperable and easy-to-use. Equally, the test needs are evolving for every point in the digital ecosystem. Tektronix is the video test expert, providing the broadest and most comprehensive video test and monitoring portfolio for existing analog and new digital video technologies at most every point in the video ecosystem, underpinning the video explosion.

New High Definition Picture Quality Analyzer Predicts Viewers Response

Tektronix introduces the PQA500 Picture Quality Analyzer, a new generation picture quality analysis (PQA) tool. Incorporating eight new Tektronix patents and embodying the most comprehensive Human Vision Model yet implemented, the PQA500 provides the most complete suite of measurement and diagnostic tools for picture quality analysis including full support of high definition (HD) formats. With the PQA500 video developers and broadcasters can quantify subjective video responses enabling them to consistently produce an optimal customer viewing experience through tuning video offerings for differences in format and delivery means.

Using the Human Vision Model developed by Tektronix, the PQA500 Picture Quality Analyzer uses quantitative techniques to predict subjective video quality ratings, not only between video of the same video standard, but also between content rendered in different formats. This allows comparison of 1080i and 720p HD, HD and SD, 525 line and 625 line SD, 30 frames per second and 25 frames per second, SD and CIF, HD and CIF, etc. This capability is a first for the industry, enabling direct support of video re-purposing involving conversion from one video standard to another.

New IPTV, Video over IP and DTV Features and Capabilities Reduce Time to Insight

New features and capabilities for the MTS400 Series MPEG Transport Stream Analyzers will be on display including enhanced support for IPTV, Video over IP, and DTV. The additions strengthen the cross layer capabilities of the analyzer, enabling in-depth compressed video analysis at many points in a broadcast system to support development and deployment of new services and technologies including H.264 compression for cable, satellite, terrestrial, and IPTV broadcast applications.

The time to problem insight is reduced by informing the user whether root cause of video problems is at the transmission, transport stream or elementary stream layer, without the need for 3rd party equipment. With its new measurement interfaces and analysis capabilities, the MTS400 is ideal for equipment developers working to improve product quality and reduce time to market and also assists engineers and technicians within broadcasters and network operators who need to ensure quality of service in next generation video networks.

New Tools Aid Transition to H.264 Compression Technology

Tektronix will showcase significant enhancements to the tool kit of products used by equipment designers, manufacturers, and broadcasters to assist with the transition to H.264 compression technology. Several of the new applications are available as software only products or as options to Tektronix hardware platforms. These include a Transport Stream Multiplexer, Buffer Analyzer, Transport Stream Compliance Analyzer and Elementary Stream Analyzer. In addition, there will be a demonstration of an IP Parametric Player option designed for the MTX100B and MTS400 Series platforms for stress testing Video over IP and IPTV products to ensure that designs perform reliably in real world networks.

Automated Video Content Verification System - 4 Times Faster Throughput

Cerify, the world's first fully automated system capable of verifying the quality of file-based, compressed digital video and audio content prior to transmission or use is now available with new, faster dual core processors, increased memory, and faster I/O. The new Cerify 200 hardware platform provides significant speed improvement; the two dual core processors architecture enables testing of four audio/video files in parallel. These changes result in a four times increase in throughput over existing systems. Cerify 200 is a highly cost-effective quality control installation capable of fully automated verification of high volume video files.

MPEG Transport Stream Thumbnail Views

The MTM400 Remote User Interface (RUI) has been enhanced to provide MPEG Transport Stream thumbnail support. This provides a confidence monitoring tool for both broadcasters and network operators who are broadcasting either Single Program Transport Streams (SPTS) or Multi-Program Transport Streams (MPTS) across an RF, IP or ASI network infrastructure.

The new RUI presents an MPEG-2 I-frame derived thumbnail view of the video channels being monitored. They are displayed along with additional information relating to the stream such as frame rate, aspect ratio, and picture size. This new capability will ship standard with all new MTM400s; a free software download will be available on the Tektronix website for existing MTM400 customers.

Expanded Dual Link Capabilities for Monitoring and Generator Tools

Tektronix has now added full featured dual link monitoring capability to the Tektronix family of integrated Waveform Monitors and Rasterizers. Both product families provide a SMPTE 372M compliant interface for dual link HD SDI to support 4:4:4 12-bit RGB professional video market needs.

In addition, support for 2K color space for Digital Cinema is now available on the TG700. This field installable firmware upgrade will be made available to all existing HDLG7 customers via a free web download and will be shipped with all future orders for the HDLG7 dual link generator module.

Looking to the future, Tektronix will also be presenting a technology demonstration at NAB 2007 of new 3Gb/s development to support next generation high speed SDI.

New Waveform Monitor and Rasterizer Platforms Quickly Detect, Isolate, and Diagnose Video Quality Problems

New waveform monitors (WFM7120 / 7020 / 6120) and enhanced rasterizers (WVR7120 / 7020 / 6020) expand on the features of the current generation of products. The new platforms share a new, faster user interface and menu structure reducing training requirements for engineers and operators. The integrated waveform monitor products also provide a new brighter display and improved operational speed. Existing WFM7100 / 7000 / 6100 customers can obtain an upgrade for the new user interface and updated menu navigation for a limited time by contacting their sales representative.

New capabilities for both rasterizers and waveform monitors include the following:

  -- real time monitoring of dual link formats in production and
     post-production applications to ensure the highest levels of HD quality
     in the broadest range of formats
  -- simultaneous monitoring of two SDI inputs enabling
     - fast, comprehensive audio and video signal comparison
     - timing synchronization between two SDI sources
     - display of two independent real time picture displays
  -- support for A/V delay measurements to help diagnose and easily correct
     Audio-to-Video synchronization problems

In keeping with a strategy that provides our customers with the flexibility to buy what they need, when they need it, these optional capabilities will be available at the time of purchase or as field upgrades to the xx20 platforms.

About Tektronix' IPTV Solution Portfolio

Tektronix' deep knowledge and expertise in both broadcast video content monitoring and IP monitoring -- two critical building blocks for high quality IPTV -- make the company uniquely positioned to test the convergence of voice, video and data. Tektronix' integrated, seamless portfolio of best-in-class monitoring and analysis solutions help bring triple play and IPTV services to market. This portfolio includes the Spectra2|VQM v2.0, part of a full suite of Spectra2 VoIP and PSTN tools designed to assist in the delivery of video and voice media over modern networks; the MTM400 MPEG Transport Stream Monitor, a scalable solution to detect signal degradation caused during transmission and distribution; the MTS400 Series, the world's first Compressed Digital Video Debugger/Analyzer that can be applied to see and solve the most subtle, complex and intermittent DTV problems in minimum time; and Cerify, the world's first automated verification system for file-based digital video content.

About Tektronix

Tektronix is a leading supplier of test, measurement, and monitoring products, solutions and services for the communications, computer, and semiconductor industries -- as well as military/aerospace, consumer electronics, education and a broad range of other industries worldwide. With 60 years of experience, Tektronix enables its customers to design, build, deploy, and manage next-generation global communications networks, advanced and pervasive technologies. Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, Tektronix has operations in 19 countries worldwide. Tektronix' Web address is http://www.tektronix.com/.

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