China Academy of Broadcasting Science Standardizes on Tektronix Video Test Instruments for Digital TV Standards Certification
Leading Broadcast R&D Institution in China Selects Tektronix for Efficient and Comprehensive DTV/HDTV Testing Lab

Tektronix, Inc. , a leading worldwide provider of test, measurement and monitoring instrumentation, announced that the China Academy of Broadcasting Science (ABS) has chosen new Tektronix instruments for its Digital TV (DTV) and high definition (HDTV) standards development, compliance testing and certification. ABS is the broadcasting R&D institution of the Chinese government that defines and develops the nation's technical standards for FM radio, Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), satellite broadcasting, CATV and HDTV. The new Tektronix PQA500 Picture Quality Analyzer, WFM7100 Waveform Monitors, and MTS430 MPEG Analyzers augment existing Tektronix video equipment to provide ABS with an efficient and comprehensive video diagnostic and test lab.

With the proliferation of digital TV throughout China, the ABS lab is the DTV and HDTV standards gatekeeper for the broadcasting industry in China. The lab offers standards compliance and acceptance test services for broadcasting equipment and systems to be applied by local broadcasters, cable TV network operators, and satellite TV operators. Tektronix has provided assistance to ABS to increase the technical strength in China for next generation digital TV.

"We evaluated every video diagnostic and measurement solution based on performance, reliability and capability to address the complexity of DTV/HDTV video format and standards. We chose Tektronix as our standard for its comprehensive solution, reliable technical support, and market leadership," said Zou Feng, Vice President of ABS. "All of the Tektronix gear is very professional but I was particularly impressed with the unique PQA500 Picture Quality Analyzer. Its implementation of a comprehensive Human Vision Model will be a key asset that allows our engineers to efficiently and objectively evaluate video quality in a multi-format environment."

"We are delighted that Tektronix digital TV test solutions will be able to help ABS with improving the consumer experience and enjoyment of high quality video in China," said Todd Biddle, Vice President, Video Product Line, Tektronix. "Digital technology has led to an explosion of video content, delivery mechanisms, and viewing experiences and is transforming every aspect of the video business. The new generation of Tektronix video test and monitoring tools including the PQA500 Picture Quality Analyzer, WFM7000 Series Waveform Monitors, and MTS430 Series MPEG Analyzers has emerged to help video engineers and technicians resolve challenging test and monitoring issues."

Incorporating eight new Tektronix patents and embodying the most comprehensive Human Vision Model, the PQA500 provides the most complete suite of measurement and diagnostic tools for picture quality analysis including full support of high definition (HD) formats. Video developers and broadcasters can quantify subjective video responses with the PQA500 enabling them to tune their video offerings for differences in format and delivery mechanisms. This enables them to consistently produce an optimal customer viewing experience by ensuring the highest quality levels are achieved at all points along the video path. The instrument enables CODEC developers and broadcasters to optimize resources while also meeting customer expectations for consistent picture quality regardless of the viewing medium.

The PQA500 Picture Quality Analyzer enables engineers at ABS to use quantitative techniques to predict subjective video quality ratings, not only between video of the same video standard, but also between 1080i and 720p HD, HD and SD, 525 line and 625 line SD, 30 frames per second and 25 frames per second, SD and CIF, HD and CIF. This capability is a first for the industry, enabling direct support of video re-purposing involving conversion from one video standard to another.

About the ABS and SARFT

ABS is an academy led directly by China State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT). ABS's origin is the Institute of Broadcasting Science of the former Ministry of Radio, Film & Television (MRFT). Established in 1958, ABS is currently undertaking ten national research projects including HDTV, DAB, broadband cable integrated information service network, DVB conditional receiving system, DBS (Direct Broadcast Satellite) and mobile multimedia standards, as well as many other ministerial research projects. ABS has long been using Tektronix's products to perform a variety of measurements. For 49 years, ABS has always been advanced in the broadcasting S&T field in China and stood at the leading edge of international broadcast S&T.

About Tektronix

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