Tektronix Wins Electron d'Or Award for Industry's First 20GHz Real Time Oscilloscope
DPO/DSA72004 Ultra-High Performance Oscilloscope Voted Best Test and Measurement Product of the Year 2007

Tektronix, Inc. , a leading worldwide provider of test, measurement and monitoring instrumentation, announced that it has won a prestigious 'Electron d'Or' award. Tektronix' ultra-high performance oscilloscope with 20 GHz real-time bandwidth and 50 GS/s simultaneous sampling rate was selected as the most innovative product of the previous twelve months in the category of test and measurement.

The Electron d'Or awards recognize true innovation in technology, and in particular products that are likely to have a significant impact on the market and future applications. Recipients of the awards are chosen by a jury of industry experts, in conjunction with the editors of Electronique, the leading French electronics monthly magazine published by Groupe Tests. This year is the tenth annual awards and there are prizes in 12 categories.

"The DPO/DSA72004 oscilloscope was chosen as the clear winner in the test and measurement category because it provides unmatched specifications and analysis resources," said Philippe Schwartz, editor-in-chief at Electronique. "It offers more performance than any alternative real-time oscilloscope with its unique 20 GHz bandwidth and 50 GS/s sampling speed per channel, two characteristics that will be very beneficial for the high speed serial data applications of today and tomorrow."

"The DPO/DSA72004 is already benefiting our customers by delivering the performance they need for high-speed multi-lane serial data applications and processor buses," said Brian Reich, general manager, Performance Oscilloscope Product Line, Tektronix. "Receipt of the prestigious Electron d'Or Award reinforces the Tektronix track record of innovation. The DPO/DSA72004 is a truly leadership product that offers unsurpassed performance. The oscilloscopes complement other recent Tektronix product introductions and are an integral part of a high-speed serial data test bench for the new digital world."

New generations of consumer, computing, communications, and video products and systems are emerging that use faster, wider information buses and interconnects -- often using serial data architectures -- within the underlying semiconductors and IC components. Ultra-high performance oscilloscopes are required to capture the frequency harmonics of high-speed serial signals to make accurate and repeatable measurements. The DPO/DSA72004 oscilloscope provides support on all channels for ultra-high bandwidth, deep memory, fast sample rate, and fast waveform capture rate. This is especially valuable for high-speed multi-lane serial data architectures where multi-channel analysis is needed for lane skew timing violations. The model is ideal for design engineers developing and testing state-of-the-art serial data applications, including PCI-Express 2, SATA 3, FB-DIMM II, HDMI 1.3, and 10Gbit/s Ethernet.

The DSA70000 Digital Serial Analyzer (DSA) oscilloscope family includes several models -- 20 GHz DSA72004, 16 GHz DSA71604 and 12.5 GHz DSA71254 -- which extend the Real-Time DPO performance platform introduced by Tektronix last summer with 4GHz-8GHz DSA models. The new digital real-time (DRT) models provide the best combination of performance to 20 GHz, 50 GS/s maximum sample rate per channel, and up to 200M memory across all four channels. A FastAcq acquisition mode waveform capture rate greater than 300,000 per second -- about 1000 times faster than any competing alternative -- with the DPX® parallel architecture signal processor yields both critical insight into signal behavior and in-depth analysis. The unequaled combination of DRT and DPO ultra-high performance on four channels simultaneously provides engineers with the industry-leading attributes they need for the most demanding test challenges.

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