Software for UWB on Tektronix DPO/DSA70000 Oscilloscopes is Most Advanced in Market
Tektronix UWB Software Runs on Ultra Performance Tektronix DPO/DSA70000 Oscilloscopes; Performs Ultra Wideband Spectral Analysis, UWB WiMedia RF Analysis

Tektronix, Inc. , a leading, worldwide provider of test, measurement and monitoring instrumentation, announced the availability of Tektronix Ultra-Wideband Software (Tektronix UWB) for DPO/DSA70000 oscilloscopes. Tektronix UWB extends the debug and analysis capabilities of the industry's highest performance real time oscilloscopes that operate up to 20 GHz bandwidth, 200M memory, and 50 GS/s on all four channels, to include real-time analysis of Ultra Wideband RF and electrical signals. Tektronix UWB running on these oscilloscopes is the most advanced solution for the test and measurement of digital RF applications such as ultra-wideband communications and ultra-wideband radar and also for high speed serial data.

Modern ultra-wideband RF and electrical signals change frequency and spectral density with time. Analysis and compliance tests for these complex signals requires more real-time bandwidth and capture time than is possible with spectrum analyzer-based acquisitions. The DSA70000 series Digital Signal Analyzers using DPX™ waveform image processing and Pinpoint™ triggering help the engineer discover and capture the time and amplitude variations of these signals. Tektronix real-time spectrograms for ultra-wideband signals spanning the full single shot bandwidth of the DSA70000 show the behavior of ultra-wideband signals over time from a single captured record.

"A number of new digital RF applications such as UWB require real-time bandwidth greater than available on traditional spectrum analyzers," said Brian Reich, general manager, Performance Scope Product Line, Tektronix. "Tektronix is able to leverage our fastest in the industry real-time oscilloscopes, leadership in single-shot timing resolution, superior record length, and analysis techniques from our Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers (RTSA) to create a unique UWB solution. The Tektronix UWB software matched with our ultra high performance oscilloscopes is uniquely able to perform spectral analysis and modulated communication signal analysis."

Analysis can be done across the captured record, up to 200M memory at 50 GS/s on all four channels. Using capabilities such as time gating and packet finder, an engineer can analyze the intended signal that may be separated by time, power spectrum or frequency from other traffic. Power spectral density is captured to 20 GHz with a single 50 GS/s acquisition but is analyzed across that acquisition with 5 MHz resolution bandwidth for a familiar spectrum analyzer-like display.

Ultra-Wideband Analysis Type WiMedia MB-OFDM

For WiMedia UWB radios using MB-OFDM technology for Certified Wireless USB, Bluetooth 3.0, WiNet and Wireless "Fire Wire" (1394) applications, Tektronix UWB goes far beyond general purpose demodulation automatically reading the digital information from the RF waveform to determine the demodulation method on a packet-by-packet basis. By automatically reading the digital information from the RF waveforms, Tektronix UWB determines which demodulation method is used, the pass/fail test limits and constellation type which is displayed. Detection and analysis is done on each packet from the RF content, greatly simplifying setup and speeding analysis and compliance tests.

Analysis is performed in all six band groups (3.1 GHz-10.6 GHz) for all 10 time frequency codes (hopping patterns or channels), and for all eight data rates. The RF channel is corrected using the pilot tones in each packet within the optionally specified time gate. RF signal quality measurements including EVM (error vector magnitude), spectral mask testing and ACPR are analyzed using the methods agreed upon by WiMedia for key compliance based measurements.

Modulation results from each analysis are recorded for easy export. Results include the time of the test, the channel, reference waveform or waveform file analyzed, the individual packet in the record analyzed, the number of data symbols analyzed in that packet, the band group of the RF signal analyzed, the time frequency code of the signal, the EVM, and EVM peak. Also recorded are the results of the six ACPR. tests within the band group and the number of spectral test hits inside the band group. Spectral mask hits outside the band group across the single shot bandwidth of the oscilloscope (e.g DC - 20 GHz) are also recorded.

DSA70000 is World's Fastest Real-Time Oscilloscope

With up to 20 GHz bandwidth on all four channels simultaneously, 50 GS/s on all four channels, up to 200M memory on all four channels, and more than 300,000 waveforms captured per second, the DSA70000 are the fastest four-channel real-time oscilloscopes and offer more performance than any competing alternative. The DSA70000 models include 12.5 GHz, 16 GHz, and 20 GHz versions.

Pricing and Availability

Tektronix UWB software is available for order and delivery. U.S. MSRP is $7,000. Additional information can be found at:,,61-20587-INTRO_EN,00.html.

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