Tektronix Launches Test Solution to Perform Advanced Measurements for PCI Express, HDMI, and DisplayPort Compliance
DPOJET Software with State-Of-The-Art Oscilloscopes, the Only Solution with Enough Record Length and Sample Rate on All Channels, Delivers Ease of Use for Serial Data Design, Debug and Compliance Test Challenges

Tektronix, Inc. , a leading worldwide provider of test, measurement and monitoring instrumentation, announced DPOJET, a new Jitter and Eye Diagram Analysis software application for DPO7000 and DPO/DSA70000 Series oscilloscopes. DPOJET improves the accuracy, speed, and efficiency of engineering test by expanding on features from existing TDSJIT3 and TDSRTE products. New capabilities in DPOJET include improved ease of use and performance and the addition of advanced compliance measurements for high speed serial data technologies including PCI Express and DisplayPort that are only available using Tektronix equipment.

The integration within DPOJET enables an uninterrupted workflow from first silicon analysis and characterization through product debug, validation and test, to compliance test and standards certification. The software is designed to take advantage of the industry-leading performance found in the DPO7000 Series and the DPO/DSA70000 real-time oscilloscopes -- the highest bandwidth, longest record length real-time oscilloscopes in the world. Tektronix provides a full suite of performance test equipment to enable the design validation and interoperability and compliance testing of next generation serial data technologies.

"From clock analysis at 20MHz to 10Gb/s serial data streams, DPOJET maximizes the timing and jitter measurements of complex clock, digital, and serial data signals," said Brian Reich, General Manager, Performance Scope Product Line, Tektronix. "DPOJET with our latest state-of-the-art oscilloscopes is the only solution with enough record length and sample rate on all channels to perform advanced measurements for PCI Express, HDMI, and DisplayPort compliance. DPOJET provides our customers with an advanced, easy to use tool for the efficient measurement and characterization of serial devices"

The DPOJET software provides engineers with enhanced jitter and timing analysis capability for debug and design verification, and multi-channel eye diagram analysis complete with mask and measurement limits testing capability for validation and compliance testing. DPOJET supports several clock recovery options including patented software PLL, patented real-time eye diagrams, explicit clocks with PLL multipliers, as well as complex jitter analysis and compliance testing with pass/fail limit checks.

Ease of Use

Jitter is an extremely complex topic, with many ways to approach measurements. More experienced engineers tend to get better answers due to the intricacies of setting up the instrumentation correctly. DPOJET's One Touch Wizard and Jitter Guide allows even engineers new to the topic to make accurate and reliable jitter measurements, sometimes with only the push of a single button.


Current oscilloscope based jitter measurement tools provide only one eye diagram on one channel. These same tools have a similar limitation of only six to eight measurement slots for general purpose measurements. DPOJET fully supports all source channels including making measurements and eye diagrams of each channel simultaneously. With DPOJET, engineers can view all of their PCI Express, DisplayPort or HDMI signals in a coherent, time correlated view.

Analysis and Compliance in One Package

Current jitter measurement tools constrain users to specific roles: analysis or compliance. Analysis tools offer little test support and compliance tools offer little analysis support. DPOJET provides full analysis capability and includes pass/fail limits testing capability. Compliance testing now becomes a simple selection of predefined setup files. DPOJET with the latest state-of-the-art oscilloscopes from Tektronix provides the only solution capable to capture one million unit intervals (UI) with a single acquisition and to perform simultaneous reference clock and data-signal "dual port" measurements without the use of external probes.

For more information on these and additional features and capabilities, please contact your Tektronix sales representative or refer online to: http://www.tek.com/site/ps/0,,61-21170-INTRO_EN,00.html.

Pricing and Availability

Two versions of DPOJET are available for order and delivery. DPOJET Essentials provides basic jitter and timing measurements and analysis. DPOJET Advanced provides full jitter decomposition, jitter, timing and eye measurements, eye diagram analysis, and limits testing.

DPOJET Essentials is available for $2,000 on the DPO7000 Series. DPOJET Advanced starts at $5,000 on the DPO7000, $7,000 on DPO70000 Series, and at $1,500 on the DSA70000 Series. All prices are U.S. MSRP.

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