Tektronix Delivers High-Power, Low-Noise Programmable, 3-Channel Power Supplies Designed for Maximum Flexibility and Accuracy
Keithley Series 2230G Multichannel Power Supplies Provide Three Isolated Channels of High-Accuracy Voltage and Current for High-Power Circuits Testing

BEAVERTON, Ore., July 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Tektronix, Inc., a leading worldwide provider of measurement solutions, today introduced the Keithley Series 2230G programmable, low-noise, three-channel power supplies that deliver up to 375W in a compact 2U high, half-rack-wide enclosure. Designed for maximum flexibility, accuracy, and low noise when testing high power, multi-voltage circuits such as LED drivers, automotive, and power-IC circuits, the power supplies' three channels are isolated, independent and individually programmable with remote sensing for each channel.

Keithley Series 2230G Multichannel Power Supplies provide three isolated channels of high-accuracy voltage and current for high-power circuits testing.

"Designers and test engineers are being challenged to test high-power circuits with a wide range of voltage levels and current draws in compact test environments, while also ensuring minimum noise and maximum accuracy," said Lori Kieklak, vice president and general manager, Keithley Product Line at Tektronix. "This is particularly the case in R&D and in stacked, tightly spaced automated setups with high production throughput. Keithley's new series of multichannel power supplies provides the best performance and flexibility needed for testing a wide range of product configurations."

To provide this flexibility, the 2230G-30-3 provides 195W with two 30V, 3A channels and a 5V, 3A channel, while the 2230G-30-6 and 2230G-60-3 provide up to 375W, with two 30V, 6A channels and two 60V, 3A channels, respectively. Both 375W versions also have a 5V, 3A third channel. For higher voltages or currents, 30V channels can be combined in series to get up to 60V, and two or three channels can be connected in parallel to deliver up to 15A from the 2230G-30-6. All channels are simultaneously displayed on the front-panel display.

To minimize the effects of noise on the device under test (DUT), the triple output power supplies use a linear design with <1mV rms ripple and noise. The linear design also ensures the supplies don't add to ambient noise and affect other sensitive instrumentation being used for test. Using the supplies' remote sensing capability, the user can set and monitor output voltages with a 0.03% basic accuracy and a resolution of 1mV. Load current can be monitored to 0.1% basic accuracy, and 1mA resolution.

The programmable multiple output power supplies include both front and rear access to the power outputs for orientation flexibility in test setups, while minimizing required lead lengths to reduce noise pickup, minimize losses, and keep the test setup neat.

The 2230G Series come with three standard interfaces options for PC-based control:  USB, GPIB, and RS-232. LabView and IVI drivers are downloadable from www.tek.com/product-support.

Availability & Pricing

The 2230G-30-3 30V, 3A, 195W supply is priced at $1,390 US MSRP, while the 2230G-30-6 30V, 6A, 375W supply and the 2230G-60-3 375W supply are both priced at $1,700 US MSRP.

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