Tektronix Facilitates Network-Wide Quality Assurance Monitoring With Upgrades to Medius
Medius Gives Video Service Providers a Comprehensive Network-Wide View of Their Programming With a New Program Alert Dashboard

BEAVERTON, Ore. -- July 16, 2012 -- Tektronix, the market leader in broadcast video test, monitoring and analysis solutions, today announced it has upgraded its Mediuscentralized management server to give video service providers a more comprehensive and clearer view of the condition of the programs flowing throughout large, geographically distributed networks.

The new program alert dashboard provides new views of Sentry reports, delivering more program status and alert status information per screen. This lets users identify issues more quickly and take action sooner. The new views include a geographical view that displays all of the monitoring points on a map and quickly highlights problem areas or regions; a grid view that shows a program's alert status across all monitoring points for fast identification and repair of the source locations having video and audio problems; and a tile view that provides a quick snapshot of the alert status of all programs or services and quickly highlights which programs need the most attention.

"These new features of Medius are ideal for personnel in network operating centers (NOC) who manage multiple headends and hubs within a large network as it gives them a comprehensive, straightforward and easy-to-understand view of the status of the programming flowing through their networks," said Eben Jenkins, general manager, Video Product Line at Tektronix. "These capabilities are also very timely as video service providers are increasingly consolidating their networks and headends to increase efficiency and deliver new services."

Medius collects, organizes and displays the critical information delivered from multiple Sentry units within the Sentry product family, which are deployed at headends and other key points in a network to closely monitor programs for video, audio and other content in the transport stream that can impact viewers' quality of experience (QoE). Video service providers use this information to speed the diagnosis and repair of these issues to ensure the best possible QoE for their subscribers.

Medius is a member of Tektronix' award-winning Sentry line of video quality monitoring solutions for cable, telecom, IPTV and other video service providers. Sentry enables the early detection and diagnosis of video and audio issues (i.e., video freeze, macro-blocking, video over compression, loud audio, etc.) whenever or wherever they occur in the network, so service providers can deliver services with excellent quality, thus ensuring an optimal QoE for subscribers. Sentry accomplishes this insight through its unique combination of an unprecedented visibility into network anomalies at the IP and content layers, scalability to monitor every program in the network, and its real-time, 24/7 operation.

The Medius software upgrade is free to customers with a valid support contract in place. Contact your local sales director or sales engineer for more information.

For more information about Sentry visit http://www.tek.com/products/video-test/digital-content-monitors.html or call 310.227.8620.

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