Tektronix Spectrum Analyzers Extend Analysis Up to 20GHz
New RSA6120A Spectrum Analyzers Enable Powerful Signal Analysis for Radar, Electronic Warfare, and Spectrum-management Applications with Industry-leadingDynamicRangeand Channel Flatness

BEAVERTON, Ore., September 15, 2009– Tektronix, Inc., a leading worldwide provider of test, measurement, and monitoring instrumentation, announced it has expanded theRSA6000 series to include the RSA6120A spectrum analyzer, which extends all of the industry-leading capabilities of the RSA6000 Series out to 20GHz, allowing designers to apply the spectrum analyzer's market-leading capabilities throughout the entire Ku band.

As designers work with digital RF technology, they require spectrum analyzers like those in the RSA6000 series—an industry-leading combination of dynamic range and image rejection at very wide bandwidths. With the RSA6000 series of spectrum analyzers, Tektronix also introduced swept DPX®which is proving indispensable to designers in their discovery of previously unseen signal anomalies. Now designers can take advantage of the advanced capabilities of the RSA6000 series when developing and characterizing radar and electronic warfare systems and components that operate in the X (8-12GHz) and Ku (12-18GHz) bands. In these applications, designers can use the RSA6120A spectrum analyzer to set up automated measurements that allow them to understand the behavior of transmit waveforms, validate a transmitter's design, and debug problems in a radar receiver.

The new RSA6120A spectrum analyzer also supports applications in spectrum management, particularly in intelligence, regulatory monitoring, and defense applications.  The new spectrum analyzer extends the series' signal discovery and triggering advantages up to 20GHz, allowing a clearer understanding of how digital signal processing (DSP) interacts with RF signals of interest. This feature can be used to understand the level of interoperability between radio systems used by different divisions or agencies, for example.

“The RSA6120A provides our customers with an industry-leading combination of bandwidth and dynamic range up to 20GHz, allowing them to fully view RF signals in real time,” said Bob Hiebert, director of Marketing, RF Product Line, Tektronix. “With this new spectrum analyzer, it is possible to dramatically reduce time-to-insight for high-frequency applications because users can trigger on low-level signals that are obscured or completely missed using traditional analyzers.”

Industry Leading Performance out to Ku-band

The RSA6120A provides unmatched dynamic range at Ku-band frequencies, featuring a spurious-free dynamic range of 75dB and a third order intercept of +19dBm above 6 GHz. The new spectrum analyzer also features industry-leading channel flatness operation for all measurements due to a switched-filter preselector. Flatness across 100MHz, for instance, is specified at +/- 0.7dB RMS and  +/- 1.5° RMS. Allowing for confident measurements of signals that are free from distortion, this level of performance is possible because of the RSA6120A spectrum analyzer's enhanced vector calibration procedure.

In addition, theRSA6120A provides radar designers with powerful signal analysis tools, including impulse response, and 26 other automated pulse parameter measurements, statistical measurement and waveform replay with acquisition history.

Pricing & Availability
The RSA6120A is available now. Pricing begins at $96,400 US MSRP.

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