Tektronix Communications Enables Continued IP Network Migration
New Product and Protocol Enhancements to Tektronix' Leading GeoProbe Platform and UACN Suite of Products

RICHARDSON, Texas, March 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Tektronix Communications, a leading worldwide provider of network intelligence solutions, today announced new product enhancements to its GeoProbe monitoring system and Unified Assurance for Converged Networks (UACN) suite of products that provide fixed, mobile and converged network operators with the necessary capability required to monitor key protocols in IP signaling and transport networks. With these enhancements, Tektronix Communications helps operators further the development of converged services and networks towards IP while lowering the cost of ownership.

Today, network operators are faced with a broad array of technology challenges and financial pressures as they deliver more complex services that span multiple network technologies in an increasingly competitive market. With these enhancements, Tektronix Communications' scalable portfolio of probes and network, service and customer assurance software packages, enable operators to better address these challenges with access to actionable information to both monitor network performance and more effectively deliver services and applications to their customers.

"Tektronix Communications is committed to helping network operators achieve the vision of convergence and evolution towards an all-IP environment," said Mark Driedger, vice president and general manager, Network Management, Tektronix Communications. "As operators make this transition, there is a clear need to show ROI at every step. They also must address the tremendous amount of complexity with this shift to all IP, and having the visibility across the network and over multiple protocols is critical."

Addressing New Protocols for Evolving Networks

The need to address complex protocols across signaling and transport networks is critical to ensuring network and service performance. The three new enhancements announced today address signaling, converged and mobile networks and will enable operators to have the ability to monitor across a broader range of technologies as they migrate from legacy to next-generation networks.

-- Signaling Networks: As operators migrate their signaling networks from the SS7 family of protocols to SIGTRAN, GeoProbe now supports SCTP which is a transport layer protocol that is quickly gaining popularity because of its advantages as compared to H.248 over UDP. In addition, operators can take advantage of the general services provided by SCTP - such as reliable delivery, transmission of multiple independent streams, detection and handling of network congestion and redundant path management. -- Converged Networks: Further enabling the migration to converged networks is Tektronix Communication's Advanced Performance Monitoring (APM) product which now supports the BICC protocol, considered vital for the advancement of multimedia networks as it provides a seamless migration path from circuit switched TDM networks to broadband multimedia networks. With an APM-supported BICC, fixed, mobile and converged network operators have the ability to monitor all legacy narrowband ISDN services and ISUP. Similar reports and dashboards through APM are available for next-generation IP signaling and media planes used for VoIP and 3rd generation mobile protocols. -- Mobile Networks: For mobile networks, operators need better methods to effectively manage bandwidth hungry data applications, in addition to ensuring a smooth transition towards the all IP mobile network. With enhancements to GeoProbe's historical and real time call trace capabilities, mobile operators now have deeper visibility into GTP (GRPS Tunneling Protocol) User Plane traffic, allowing them to better analyze and troubleshoot customer impacting performance problems based on User Plane statistics. As network traffic continues to grow, mobile operators are beginning to replace their UTRAN over ATM networks with UTRAN over IP. To assure a smooth transition, the GeoProbe now has the ability to monitor UTRAN protocols (NBAP, RLC, MAC, RRC) on the Iub over IP interface.

Lowering Cost of Ownership

Tektronix understands the need for network operators to get the most from their network investments, especially in these challenging financial times. As such, the GeoProbe and UACN product suite provide network operators with actionable information that allows them to get the highest return on their investments by enabling better network utilization, improved network and service quality, and faster resolution of customer impacting network issues. As a single, integrated probing platform with common dashboards and reporting capabilities, the GeoProbe and UACN product suite provides operators with operational efficiencies that will result in additional cost savings through standardized work flow and access to information that can be leveraged across multiple departments. The GeoProbe and UACN product suite supports all key legacy, fixed, mobile and converged network technologies, thus ensuring a smooth transition for operators if they upgrade their networks, add new services or increase capacity.

The GeoProbe probing platform is available in a high-capacity 14U footprint and a small, energy-efficient 2U footprint, requiring lower DC power consumption. Probes can be selected based on the capacity of each monitored link and customers can upgrade their probes as network capacity increases. In addition, the 2U probe has the capability to self-install, resulting in an overall lower cost of installation.

About Tektronix Communications' GeoProbe

GeoProbe provides network engineers with the information needed to solve network and service problems across technologies, applications and element vendors. APM enables engineers to proactively address quality performance issues through the use of near real-time alerts and ongoing historical analysis for more focused and effective troubleshooting. More information can be found at: www.tektronixcommunications.com/geoprobe.

About Tektronix Communications

Tektronix Communications provides network operators and equipment manufacturers around the world an unparalleled suite of network diagnostics and management solutions for fixed, mobile, IP and converged multi-service networks. This comprehensive set of solutions support a range of architectures and applications such as LTE, fixed mobile convergence, IMS, broadband wireless access, WiMAX, VoIP and triple play, including IPTV. Tektronix Communications is headquartered in Richardson, Texas. Learn more about the company's test, measurement and network monitoring solutions by visiting www.tektronixcommunications.com.

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