New Modules for Tektronix Sync Pulse Generator Aid Transition to Digital Video and Emerging HD formats
Tektronix TG700 Series Generators with HD3G7 and GPS7 Modules Put Optimal Video Quality Within Reach

BEAVERTON, Ore., September 9, 2008 - Tektronix, Inc., a leading worldwide provider of test, measurement and monitoring instrumentation, announced two new modules for the successful TG700 modular multi-format test signal and sync pulse generator, providing video test and reference signals in a variety of analog and digital formats. The TG700 is used by customers worldwide and was recently used by NBC for the network’s coverage of the 2008 Olympic Games from Beijing, China. With the new HD3G7 module for 3Gbps SDI test signals and the new GPS7 module for GPS-based synchronization and timecode generation, the TG700 supports more video formats than any other sync pulse generator, including dual link, 2K color space formats and 1080p formats to assist customers in the worldwide transition to emerging digital video.

The TG700 supports HD, dual link and 3 Gbps SDI signals. Unlike reference signal generators that are closed boxes with limited configuration options, the TG700 is a modular system, comprised of a large variety of independent output modules, each supporting multiple output formats, making the TG700 the most flexible generator platform that can match specific customer needs, and protect the customer’s investment for future formats. More than 200 test signals are supported by the TG700. Each technology can be added as business needs evolve.

“Synchronization throughout a broadcast facility is critical for guaranteed system performance,” said Eben Jenkins, director, Video Product Line, Tektronix. “The addition of new digital technologies requires a modular approach to add capabilities and ease the transition from analog to digital. The new TG700 modules help customers incorporate the latest digital technologies. Designed to meet the mixed-mode needs of the digital post production and operational environments, the TG700 provides a large feature set, the most flexibility when compared to alternatives. With an easy upgrade path, customers select only those modules they currently need in a facility, and easily upgrade when needs change.”

The new, industry-leading 3Gbps HD3G7 module provides 1080p SDI video signal generationon a single link and supports both “Level A” or “Level B” SMPTE 425M “fast progressive” formats for 1080p 50/59.94/60. The 3 Gbps HD3G7 module assists video equipment designers and manufacturers to get to market quickly and efficiently and facilitates early 3Gb/s services roll out for broadcasters and post production operators. With this module, customers can also up-convert from an HD-SDI input, providing an easy way of creating arbitrary 3 Gbps content using sources such as cameras or VTRs with standard HD-SDI outputs. The trigger output feature enables equipment manufacturers with a mechanism for synchronizing oscilloscopes or other test equipment with the output video signal.

The HD3G7 module is ideal for manufacturers who need to ensure that their 3 Gbps routers pass SDI signals of any format without corruption and for developers of 3 Gbps capable displays to ensure that colors are correctly rendered and display geometry is accurate. Broadcasters installing 3 Gbps infrastructure will also find the HD3G7 module of the TG700 valuable when verifying that signal integrity throughout the facility.

The new GPS7 module facilitates the digital video transition in multiple ways. It allows the TG700 to act as a master clock and synchronization system, including video reference and timecode, for broadcast and post-production operators. An integrated GPS receiver simplifies facility configuration by supplying all necessary clock signals from a single worldwide reference. The GPS7 module also has more LTC outputs than any signal generator product, providing the ability to support multiple frame rates within a facility simultaneously.

The GPS7 module provides broadcasters with the option of having all the video reference signals in their facility locked to an extremely stable source, preventing any long-term drift. For post-production applications, the GPS7 module with the TG700 provides flexible timecode support. Many post-production houses work with multiple video formats simultaneously, so the ability to support multiple video and timecode formats is important. With GPS7, the TG700 provides black-burst and tri-level sync reference signals synchronized with the GPS-based time source, and precise timecode signals via LTC and VITC outputs.

The TG700 utilizes StayGenLock" technology that ensures stable signal transition in the event sync signals are lost and sync is then reestablished.

U.S. MSRP for the GPS7 module is priced at $3,100 and the 3 Gbps HD3G7 module is $9,500. The modules will be available for order starting in October and November respectively.

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