Tektronix Launches the Y500 Real-Time RF Spectrum Analyzer for Mobile Networks

RICHARDSON, Texas, June 18, 2008 – Tektronix Communications, a leading worldwide provider of communications network management and diagnostics solutions, today launched the Y500, a hand-held, real-time spectrum analyzer (RTSA) for current and next-generation mobile networks, expanding Tektronix’ portfolio of network planning and optimization solutions.

The Y500 is a handheld, rugged, battery-operated field spectrum analyzer featuring bench-top specification with an intuitive set of signal detecting and locating tools. These tools allow operators to immediately detect elusive signals within all generations of mobile broadband networks, such as 2G, 2.5/3G, WiMAX and LTE, and dramatically reduce the time needed to accomplish tasks such as coverage checks and frequency clearing. 

The Y500 features Tektronix’ patented Digital PhosphorTM technology (DPXTM), which reveals signals missed by most conventional swept spectrum analyzers and vector signal analyzers (VSAs).  DPX waveform image processing provides a unique live RF view of the spectrum, enabling an unprecedented RF signal discovery capability for a broad range of applications including radio communications and spectrum management.  DPX transforms volumes of real-time data and produces a live RF spectrum display that reveals previously unseen RF signals and signal anomalies.

“DPX is in fact a standard feature in the entire Tektronix’ portfolio of real-time spectrum analyzers,” said Bob Hiebert, General Manager, Wireless Field Test Product Line, Tektronix. “With the addition of the Y500 to our spectrum analyzer product line, we can now offer the planning and optimization departments of our wireless operator customers the same next-generation technology that we currently provide through our bench-top and handheld RTSA products to the highly demanding community of security and surveillance.”

Planning and optimization engineers can add value to the bottom line by utilizing the Y500 to quickly and effectively spot and locate interferences and issues, resulting in shorter time needed to detect issues and increased productivity of field resources.  The Y500 is an ideal solution for effective network planning and optimization for all wireless standards.  When portability and battery operation are critical, the Y500 offers high-end performance in a field-ready form factor and features a touch-screen and a larger screen size for easier viewing.

The Y500 complements Tektronix’ portfolio of products designed to support the wireless network planning and optimization segment. The portfolio includes RF Scout for RF interference hunting and OptiMon, the suite of protocol-based trend analysis and intelligent troubleshooting applications. Moreover, thanks to the extended Frequency Range reaching up to 6.2GHz, the Y500 is the right tool for carriers deploying their Mobile WiMAX networks. 

The Y500 is part of Tektronix’ wireless field test product line, and joins the industry leading NetTek platform for BTS Maintenance largely adopted by wireless operators all over the world, the RF Scout for Interference hunting and XWing product family which includes the H600 RFHawk™ and SA2600.

Learn more about the solution by visiting: http://www.tek.com/Y500.

Additional information about Tektronix’ industry leading RTSA solutions can be found at: http://www.tek.com/products/spectrum_analyzers.   Learn more about Tektronix network optimization portfolio by visiting: www.tektronix.com/optimization.

About Tektronix' Network Optimization Portfolio
Tektronix offers customers a market-leading network optimization portfolio, which is built around the RF Scout and the OptiMon components Trend Navigate, DT-Synergy and Network and Service Analyzer NSA. This portfolio's flexibility and the comprehensive scope of capabilities enables network operators to efficiently address today's most critical challenge: keeping infrastructure and service delivery costs under control without compromising end user quality of experience. It covers all use cases throughout the different lifecycles of a mobile network.

About Tektronix Communications

Tektronix Communications provides network operators and equipment manufacturers around the world an unparalleled suite of network diagnostics and management solutions for fixed, mobile, IP and converged multi-service networks. This comprehensive set of solutions support a range of architectures and applications such as LTE, fixed mobile convergence, IMS, broadband wireless access, WiMAX, VoIP and triple play, including IPTV. Tektronix Communications is headquartered in Richardson, Texas. Learn more about the company’s test, measurement and network monitoring solutions by visiting: www.tek.com/communications. 

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