Tektronix Expands Cloud-Based Asset Management Solution, Adds Managed Services Offerings
Comprehensive Solution Helps Companies Get More from Equipment Assets, Meet Regulatory Mandates, Increase Operational Efficiency

BEAVERTON, Ore., Sept. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Tektronix, Inc., a leading worldwide provider of test and measurement solutions, today announced that it has expanded its CalWeb® cloud-based asset management platform to include new modules that help companies more easily manage equipment asset pools, maintain regulatory compliance and maximize equipment utilization. Tektronix also launched a full suite of Managed Services covering a comprehensive range of equipment asset management needs on a global scale.

Tektronix CalWeb® cloud-based asset management platform now includes new modules that help companies more easily manage equipment asset pools, maintain regulatory compliance and maximize equipment utilization.

The need for efficient asset management capabilities continues to grow as companies invest more capital into equipment and instruments to achieve their business goals. Paper- and spreadsheet-based methods of tracking equipment assets fail to provide the level of information needed to stay competitive and keep track of the true costs of equipment. Without an accurate equipment inventory, it is easy for companies to make duplicate purchases or lose instruments among different locations. These inefficiencies often lead to unnecessary equipment downtime and can directly impact the bottom line.

"CalWeb initially started as a simple portal for managing calibration. Through close collaboration, we realized our customers face broader challenges around keeping equipment in proper working order and in the right place at the right time. They also need tools to maximize the utilization of critical assets and to optimize life cycle cost," said Bill Pratt, general manager of Service Solutions, Tektronix. "Now, with our expanded CalWeb offerings, customers can take advantage of our decades of experience as a calibration, asset management and managed service provider to optimize their asset management programs. Customers with extensive calibration needs and complex equipment management issues can take advantage of our Managed Services and eliminate the pain of managing calibration programs."

CalWeb Services

The CalWeb cloud-based asset management platform is used by customers around the world to ensure quality, safety and dependability of their equipment assets. It allows users from multiple departments to have full visibility of their organization's asset management and calibration programs. The calibration industry's most comprehensive offering, CalWeb, allows companies to store and access current and historical equipment service records, maintain records for equipment serviced internally and by third-parties, and automate supply and equipment procurement processes. The latest solutions now available to all customers include:

Tek Asset View – Using the core features of CalWeb, companies can manage assets across their entire organization and know at a glance where equipment is located, who's using it, and whether it's in the right condition to get the job done.

Tek Compliance – In highly-regulated and safety-critical industries such as medical, pharmaceutical and automotive, equipment documentation must be in compliance with regulations such as the Food and Drug Administration's 21 CFR Part 11. Tek Compliance boosts confidence by ensuring that all pertinent information is stored securely in a cloud-based repository, making audits and reporting requirements fast and easy.

Tek Optimize – Companies often struggle to ensure equipment is fully utilized and that people have the right equipment when they need it. By providing comprehensive asset management with at-a-glance dashboards, Tek Optimize provides companies with the solution they need to maximize return on their investments.

Managed Services

Tektronix Managed Services give companies a one-stop shop for managing calibration programs, deploying new equipment, managing asset pools, withdrawing and recycling outdated equipment, and automating and fulfilling supplies and equipment procurement. Service offerings now available include:

Assets on Demand – Companies struggle with managing their equipment programs and optimizing the utilization of their assets. Assets on Demand ensures that employees are issued new equipment, sent loaners or replacements, given demo equipment, and have older equipment withdrawn from service to help companies reach the next level of asset utilization.

Active Exchange – Maximizing the uptime for a distributed workforce by ensuring they have fully maintained equipment and instruments can be difficult and painful. The Active Exchange service removes the hassle of ensuring that equipment is maintained, calibrated and ready to go when needed by having Tektronix manage the calibration and equipment programs. Uncalibrated equipment is swapped for calibrated on a regular schedule to maximize efficiencies.

Field Fulfillment Store – This service provides a portal for field service teams to request new equipment and supplies. The Field Fulfillment Store automates the request and approval process and optimizes the fulfilment of new goods for organizations with distributed workforces.

Pricing and Availability

The new Tektronix CalWeb and Managed Services are available now. Contact a Tektronix account representative for demos and a tailored price quote. For more information go to: tek.com/asset-management

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