Tektronix Delivers Industry-First PCI-Express® 6.0 Test Solution
New solution accelerates customers' transition to PCIe 6.0 PAM4 signaling to meet ever growing performance demands

BEAVERTON, Ore., Feb. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Tektronix, Inc., introduces the industry's first PCI Express 6.0 compatible Base transmitter test solution just weeks after the PCI-SIG® working group released PCI Express (PCIe) 6.0 Base specifications and validation requirements.

Tektronix, Inc., introduces the industry's first PCI Express 6.0 compatible Base transmitter test solution.

PCIe 6.0 is an important and scalable standard for data-intensive markets such as data center, artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML), and high-performance computing. To meet ever growing performance demands, PCIe 6.0 standard transitions to PAM4 signaling and new innovative error correcting techniques. The Tektronix test solution includes PCIe 6.0 measurement-specific software, enhanced PAM4 DSP capabilities and noise compensation on the oscilloscope for increased accuracy of results. The Tektronix test solution for PCIe 6.0 standard is further enhanced by the industry-leading analysis tools for SNDR and uncorrelated jitter measurements which are both mandated requirements for the PCIe 6.0 standard.

The industry's first PCIe 6.0 standard transmitter validation solution is focused on serving high-performance and data-intensive markets and is available worldwide for use with DPO70000SX ATI Performance Oscilloscopes. "Tektronix' PCIe 6.0 standard test solution came to market quickly because of the company's deep involvement in the PCI-SIG working group, where it helped define the standard's measurement methodologies," said David Bouse, PCI Express Principal Technology Lead at Tektronix and PCI-SIG working group participant.

Tektronix' customer, industry leading silicon IP provider, Alphawave collaborated with Tektronix for early validation of PCIe 6.0 physical layer designs. "Tektronix was deeply involved in defining the PCIe 64 GT/s measurement methodologies, which enabled our engineers to increase their confidence in meeting this challenging new standard prior to release," says Clint Walker, Vice President of Marketing at Alphawave. 

Tektronix' Swapnil Mane, Marketing Director of Wired Solutions, agreed, saying, "We are proud of this collaboration with our customer, Alphawave. Our PCIe 6.0 standard test and debug solution easily integrates into the engineers' workflow for test and debug. With the complexity of PAM4 signaling, our analysis tools make it easier to test their design and ensure it meets the new 6.0 standard requirement with a high degree of confidence."

Key features include:

  • PCIe 6.0 (64 GT/s) standard automated Base Transmitter solution running on Tektronix DPO70000SX series real time oscilloscopes with bandwidth 50 GHz and above
  • Enhanced PAM4 DSP capabilities with the Tektronix PAMJET application
  • Support for measurements uniquely developed for PCI Express 6.0 standard including SNDR, RLM, uncorrelated jitter, and pulse width jitter
  • Instrumentation noise compensation techniques tailored to individual measurements to achieve the most accurate results

Tektronix's PCIe standard solution is now available worldwide for use with DPO70000SX Real-Time Oscilloscopes. Contact a Tektronix representative for pricing and additional details or visit www.tek.com/pci-express.

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